Sculpted by Mikkel Holcomb
10 in. creature bust due for release in August.
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Abyssall Mantis

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Sculpted by Josh Crockett
Releasing in August

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The Transgenic Outlander

10 inch kit limited time price of $95

Explore the exciting world of the “Dweller”. Mikkel Frandsen designed and sculpted this denizen of the deep to bring a new outlook on the Gill Man. The “Dweller” has plenty of interesting features just waiting to be brought to life. The bust comes in two sizes: the 3 inch which is solid cast in light green resin and the 10 inch model that is roto-cast and foam filled. To get more information about Collapse Industries Kits, visit them at and follow them on Facebook.

Abyssall Dweller

10 inch kit just $110 +shipping

3 inch kit just $25 +shipping

The “Guardian of El Dorado”, a mythical creation from the anthropologist at Collapse Industries was brought to life by sculptor Mikkel Frandsen. Molded and casted by Collapse Industries, the figure is clutching an Aztec idol that controls the city of El Dorado. The “Guardian” comes in two sizes: the 14 inch roto-cast and foam filled and the 6 inch pressure cast. The kit is made up of six parts cast in a light green resin and expertly detailed to highlight interest on the skin and texture down to every tooth and spike

Guardian of El Dorado

14 inch kit only $225 +shipping

6 inch kit only $50 +shipping

Sculpted by Spyda Creations
Ships in July!
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Doctor BuzzKill

10.5 inch kit for just $60