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Welcome to Collapse Industries home to some of the most original resin kits out there! We are working on reorganizing the site for a better navigating experience. Some of the pages will be shifting around during the first week of may if you cannot find what your looking for feel free to contact us! Below are some of our newer creations. 

Acolyte of the Machine preorder
The Acolyte of the Machine. Original concept sculpt by Josh Crockett. Eric Askue Finalized,super detailed the model,  created the renders and instructions  . Engineering by Tim Barry. The Kit will be 207mm roughly 8 in  tall and available in ... (Read More)
$120.00 $90.00 2
The Sound of Freedom
Let the Sound of Freedom ring! Our election day piece presented by Collapse Industries and Tom Chouinard. Uncle Sam is 54mm the Organ is roughly 6.5in tall and and 6 in wide. Shipping for Christmas 2016. Cast in opaque grey resin and and mul ... (Read More)
$150.00 2
The Marionette
Send in the clowns to welcome you to our FREAK SHOW! The Marionette sculpted by Les Garner of Sixus1. Brought to life in 90 mm its a great canvas to let your inner circus clown run wild on. The Stage is 9in tall. The kit comes framed with Dr ... (Read More)
$145.00 2
Demonic Visions 6 Cover Demon By Grant Cross
Joining us from Demonic Visions 6 50 tales of horror edited by Chris Robertson is Grant Crosses Demon. This horned demon is exquisite in its small details. 11in tall cast in opaque resin. Check out the book as well which is available on kind ... (Read More)
$110.00 $98.00 2
The Architect 11.5in
Ever wonder why similar designs are carried through multiple ancient cultures? Well it's probably because of this guy. The Architect sculpted by Josh P Crockett is brought to life in stunning detail at 11.5in tall on its pyramid base. Cast i ... (Read More)
$95.00 2
Greater Magma Demon 6in
This Greater Magma Demon sculpted by Jerod Bogh has all the right cracks and crevices to make a painters dreams or nightmares come to life. 6in tall this multi piece bust requires assembly and paint. Cast in resin. International customers pl ... (Read More)
$85.00 2
Gage 60mm Waste Land Survivor
Wondering the post apocalypse waste land can be hard on a girl! Not so for Gage! This high quality 54-60mm scale resin kit comes unassembled and unpainted. Contains small parts not suitable for anyone under 15. Sculpted be Les Garner of Sixu ... (Read More)
$45.00 2
Azumee The Galactic Bounty Hunter
Who told you aliens only had two legs? From mildly Askew mind of Eric Askue we introduce Azumee. The sculpture is 12in tall with two optional arms. This Kit is being reprinted and will be available January 2017.  Cast in semi translucent Fle ... (Read More)
From $135.00 2

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We are always adding items to the store . Let us know if you have any questions.  Kits are available in both flesh tone and grey resin please select from the option before you add it to your cart. All kits come Unpainted and Unassembled