MilkShake 3D SLA Printer

Introducing Milkshake 3d distributed by

Collapse Industries!

    3d printers brought to you by the people who use them and know them best. Our adventure with this machine started in October when we started in house trials of the machines. From our experiences with previous SLA printers we fell in love with this printer while learning how to use it. Orbi Labs, who we became well aquatinted with in the beta process, evolved into someone we wanted to do business with.  We made a trip to visit them in Hong Kong to work on the machine, receive further training, and get to know the team. What we found was a great group of young professionals that had taken a lot of personal risk to bring this awesome product to market. 


Why buy from Collapse Industries? You may notice our price is above the retail directly from the distributor. 


-We Provide 1 year phone support between 9-5 CST Monday - Thursday, 


-A one hour skype or google hangout session as you setup your printer and prep your first print. 


-We will also provide updates and printer settings as we refine and work with the machines in our facility 


-Finally the unit will be tested when it arrives in the USA to ensure functionality. 

 -Includes 5L of Sesame Grey resin to start your machine.


This all comes with the basic package and we offer extended and drop shipping warranties for print studios who run multiple machines. 


We offer both Freight and Expedited shipping so please contact for a final Quote. 

Your machine will come with one liter of sesame resin we recommend having 3-4 to setup the machine and you will need to purchase a five gallon bucket of glycerine to float the resin on.  


Unit price is 4100 usd+tax+shipping